Coiled bamboo Lacquer utensil holder

ItemCode: GHTC 33

Coiled bamboo utensil holder.

Lacquered Round bamboo utensil holder, spun bamboo holder, bamboo wooden holder, coiled bamboo utensil holder



Holder: Dia 10xH15 cm

Utensil: 5,5xH27 cm

Product Information +

Made from spun bamboo, these lovely natural spun bamboo utensil holder and utensils are great for your kitchen and salad mix.

Material: 100% bamboo - Made in Vietnam.

Our bamboo products are hand-coiled using small strips of bamboo and then hand shaped and finished with a natural food safe lacquer derived from the cashew nut tree.

100% food safe and FDA approved; Meets European standards, bamboo being durable, lightweight and hard to break.

Color, shape and size could be customized.

Made in Vietnam.

Product Care +

Pls refer below instructions during using spun bamboo products:

  1. Do not put in a dishwasher, micro-weave Oven.
  2. Do not clean by vinyl solvents, abrasive cleansers, bleach and harsh detergents.
  3. Can put dry and liquid food in the bowls/tray such as cereal, salad, bread…..but do not put hot food and water inside.
  4. Store in good condition to avoid extreme deference in temperature, excessive heat or extreme dampness/ dryness or humidity
  5. Handmade products require light usage and wipe with damp cloth